About me

Thank you so much for visiting my blog.  Here is what you should know about me:

I am a Columbia, SC based experienced photographer that specializes in outdoor, natural light photography. Whether I'm shooting couples, weddings, families, events, children, babies or brides... my goal is to capture the perfect moment that you will treasure forever.

My photography career began with The Gamecock newspaper in 2004 and I have never looked back.  I graduated from the University of South Carolina in May of 2007.  In my photography over the last eight years I have photographed countless events and people and enjoyed every minute of it!

On a typical day you could find me playing sports, making jokes, playing guitar, watching funny movies, fixing things around the house and taking pictures (of course).  On July 25, 2009 I married my college sweetheart, Suzanne.  She assists me at most of my shoots and helps me run the business.  I am passionate about photography and really enjoy all of the people I get to meet while doing it.  I would not be where I am today without my faith in Christ and I am so thankful for his unfailing love.  I want to glorify Him in all that I do, including photography!

My style of photography tends to be on the documentary side.  I like to capture my clients personalities so the photos are fun and honest instead of being too stiff and posed.  I use a classic technique with a modern feel so my clients get the best of both worlds.

On my blog, I will be posting some recent work, tips and tricks for you to become a better photographer and some random thoughts every now and then. If you like what you see, become a follower! I'm also on Facebook under Charles Davenport Photography.  Check out my contact and pricing page for contact information and portrait and wedding package prices and my FAQ page for any questions you may have.