Thursday, December 2, 2010

DIY: Framed White Board

This post really doesn't have too much to do with photography other then I took some pictures of a project I  did for Suzanne.  She wanted a dry erase board in our office so we could write things down that we needed to get done for the week.  I thought it was a great idea as I tend to forget a few things. Okay, everything.

I went to target and they had a few sizes and different kinds of dry erase boards to choose from.  However, they all looked like they belonged in a toy doll house.  I really didn't want to hang a crummy looking dry erase board in our office.  So, I cruised over to the home decorations department where I found some frames.  I decided that putting a frame around the dry erase board would make it look much nicer.  And it did!  Here is how I did it!

First you have to buy the materials:
8.5 in x 11 in Dry Erase Board
8 in x 10 in Picture Frame

Then you will need a few tools you probably have laying around the house:
Flat Head Screwdriver
A Box Cutter (not pictured)
Tin Snips or an "Open It!" or some heavy Scissors

Now you are ready to start working.  First you have to remove the plastic frame from the dry erase board.  To do this, use the screwdriver to pry loose the corner of the frame.  Do this on the back side of the board so you don't scratch the writing surface. 

Next you need to take the frame apart.  Take the back cover off of the frame and set it aside.  You will need it later.

Now take everything out of the frame, even the glass.  Be careful as the edges of the glass are sharp.  Hold on to the cardboard as you may need it later to fill in behind the dry erase board.

After taking the frame apart measure the back opening.  Since this frame is an 8x10 the opening was slightly larger.  The width of the dry erase board was correct, luckily, but I had to cut the bottom in order for it to fit.  As pictured below I used the ruler to measure the 10 inches and made a line, on the back side, to follow for the cut.  Use the tin snips to make the cut.  

Then fit the dry erase board into the frame facing out.   Next you need to fill in the gap behind the board.  To do this use the cardboard you took out of the frame, though it may not be thick enough.  I used the cardboard that the dry erase board was originally attached to.  It was too thick, so I had to flatten it out a little on the kitchen counter.  Then put the back of the frame on and you are finished! 

Here is the final product!  Now we have a nice looking dry erase board to hang in the office.  And since it is in a frame it already has mounting hardware on the back!  All you need now is a nail to hang it on.  Try it out for yourself if you need to make lists to stay on track like me.  Its a very simple project. 


  1. LOVE IT! I would like to add a tip. Since it is a frame, it may move while you write on it, so add some 3M sticky tabs to the corners and it will hold it in place and when you are ready to take it off the wall you can just pull the tabs and it will not mess up the wall. Just a thought! I am thinking of where I can put one of these in my house! Thanks for sharing