Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Singing Christmas Tree- Columbia, SC Event Photography

The Singing Christmas Tree was a very popular Christmas concert in Columbia that Shandon Baptist put on every year but it took a seven year break. They decided to bring it back in 2010 and performed for five sold out shows. Like I said yesterday, the lighting and cast were constantly changing and moving so I had to be on point the whole time. I really enjoyed the performance and taking these pictures. Hopefully next year all of you can make it to the show to enjoy in person!


  1. How could I get tickets. I would only need 6 of them.

    Thank you,

    Catherine Adams
    8100 Bayfield Road 6-D
    Columbia, SC29223

  2. Hi Catherine,

    Getting tickets is easy. All you have to do is visit http://www.christmasatshandon.com/ and print them out! Its free and so much fun for the entire family! I hope you are able to make it to a show this year. Happy Holidays!