Friday, November 5, 2010

Adorama Camera

I just wanted to take a second to mention one of my favorite stores of all time!  Its Adorama Camera in New York, NY.  I have ordered countless items over the years from them and they are, to the best of my knowledge, the greatest camera store on the planet.  Everything I have ordered from there has been shipped so quickly and a lot of times for free.  I ordered a few things on Wednesday, checked the UPS status today and it said they were out for delivery.  Meaning, that around five this afternoon, that's usually when UPS makes it to our neighborhood, I will have on my front porch the three items I ordered only two days ago and the shipping was FREE!

Good service is huge to me to Adorama has made me a customer for life!  Oh, this is also where I order all of my prints.  The online service is great as well and if you have trouble you can chat with a live person.  They have extremely high quality printers and photo paper to choose from.  Generally speaking they have some of the lowest prices on prints and even camera equipment.  And if you choose, you can sign up for the e-mail list as I have and they will e-mail you with coupons and specials weekly.  For instance right now in my inbox is an e-mail telling me that 16X20 prints on any paper are only $4.99!  That's cheaper than anywhere else on the planet!

On a recent trip to New York, I was able to stop by the actual store located between 5th and 6th avenue for the first time.  It was as awesome in person as I had imagined and they were even in the middle of some construction.  If you are ever in new York and even remotely interested in photography then you should stop by.

Here is a link to there page:

It's like clock work.  We went to dinner right before 5PM and when we got home my shipment was waiting for me hidden behind the porch furniture.  I put them at the door to take the picture.  Thanks UPS for trying to hide them so they wouldn't get stolen!  Adorama is awesome!

Here is a picture inside of Trump Towers that confuses my mind and makes me think of the drawing of steps that screws with perspective that I don't know the name of.

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  1. MC Escher, "Relativity" or "House of Stairs"
    I think "Relativity" is the one you're thinking of.