Wednesday, November 17, 2010

This Lake Is Full of Swans

How have I never been here?  As long as I have been taking pictures, this was my first trip to Swan Lake in Sumter, South Carolina.  It was fantastic!  The park is very well maintained and extremely clean.  Unfortunately I missed most of the color change, but I was still able to get some pretty colorful pictures of what hasn't already fallen.  I can not imagine how awesome this place must be when all of the trees lining the edges of the pond are full of color. 

Not only are the trees and pond gorgeous to take pictures of, but there is some great wildlife living there.  If you like bird watching or taking pictures of birds, this is the place for you.  There is also a great garden with tons of flowers and plants as well as old buildings.  All of which are great things to take pictures of.  You really can't point your camera in a wrong direction here.

I know next year during summer and especially fall, Swan Lake is on my short list of places to visit again when I have more then an hour to walk around!  Here is a link to some great information about the park and the wildlife:

Here are some shots of my quick visit this afternoon:


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For this post I made the images much larger.  Let me know in the comments if you like them this way or if they are too large for your screens now.  Thanks!


  1. I'm on my iPhone and they look perfect at this size... I guess they scale pretty well... Very nice pictures I've never been to / heard about that place... Looks jamazing though!

  2. Good job, Charlie...the pictures turned out great!