Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Fair Used to be Bigger, Or I'm Taller

The Fair was in town a week ago so of course I went twice!  I'm not even sure what to say about the fair.  It's quite a culture shock still even to me after going for most of my life.  It draws a crowd of all kind and that's what makes the fair so special.  You can go on any given night and play one of my all time favorite games...Fair Bingo.  I was introduced to Fair Bingo a few years ago while attending with some friends. 

Basically all you do is look for certain things that other patrons of the fair are doing or have on or don't have on, such as: fair pocket (someone with their hand in the back of another persons pant pocket), kid on a leash (a small child tethered to an adult), indian head dress, dragon tattoo, mullet, rat tail, mohawk, pockets below the bottom of short shorts (extra points for spotting this on a guy), etc.  You can really make up anything you want to and you can rest assured that you have a great chance of seeing it.   When you do spot something it's a rush like no other to yell "BINGO" before anyone else around sees it.  Then you discreetly point it out to the rest of the group and laugh amongst yourselves. 

Try this game next time the fair rolls into town.  It is a much better time then paying five bucks a pop to throw two balls into a peach basket top try to win a stuffed giraffe that you are just going to throw away when you get home or let your dog chew.  Fair Bingo will give you something to talk about with your friends for at least a solid week.

 Every year the fair has something to eat that tries to kill you within ten minutes of consumption.  In years past they have had fried oreo's (awesome), fried Pepsi (yep Pepsi as in the drink), even fried butter!  Notice there is a trend with everything being fried.  So this year the tradition was kept with fried doughnuts.  Krispy Kreme Doughnuts to be exact.  Used as a bun for a hamburger with cheddar cheese and bacon on it!  For those of you thinking this sounds disgusting, you would be absolutely wrong.  It was delicious!


Also at this years fair I found the creepiest prize of all time.  A stuffed Micheal Jackson.  Who in the world would want that?  No offense if one of my 9 followers wants/won this.


 BINGO!!!!  "the last of the Mohawkins" 

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